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Construction Management
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Pfizer Nimenrix Project

An in-depth case study of a $66 Million Building Renovation to accept Product Transfer project

Facility Type
Fermentation/Purification Processing and Support
Project Type
Project Management During Design & Construction Management - At Risk
15 Months

Project Overview

Construction of a new GMP production area to accommodate manufacture of a recently purchased vaccine. The project created a new F1 Suite (Poly Products), a new F2 Suite (Toxoids), and a new Purification Suite within 18,000 square feet of existing space.

  • Demolished walls, ceilings, piping, HVAC ductwork, equipment, electrical, and fire protection.
  • Demolished 80% of concrete flooring and underground piping.
  • Constructed 18,000 square foot manufacturing space.
  • Installed support structures for clean room walls and ceilings.
  • Installed clean room walls, sheetrock, and walkable ceilings.
  • Installed two fermentation suites, a purification suite, and an adjacent alcohol processing area.
  • Operational support areas include media prep, buffer prep, clean staging, and glass wash.
  • Utility support is located in the interstitial and penthouse areas, directly above manufacturing.
  • Extension to the existing building was constructed to house bio-waste deactivation.
  • Installed new process equipment, process/utility piping, new underground process and bio-waste piping systems.
  • New HVAC systems for clean rooms and support areas including custom airhandlers.
  • Ductwork, electrical, controls and DeltaV.
  • Existing air handling units were demolished and replaced with two new custom units that were purchased and built in place.

Key Success Points

  • Safety
    RGD provided full time supervision on multiple shifts during construction. A detailed safety and logistics plan was developed and enforced over 14 months, working an average of 85 crafts in an 18,000 sq ft work area. Project was completed with 3 minor first aids, no recordable accidents or lost time incidents over 354,966 work hours.
  • Preconstruction Involvement
    RGD was fully engaged during the entire engineering and design phase, allowing our team to perform real-time constructability reviews and provide value engineering comments to mitigate cost and schedule risks.
  • Detailed CPM Scheduling
    RGD developed and managed the EPCV Project Schedule. This ensured that engineering releases of work packages supported construction schedule and construction activities supported the validation and start-up schedule. Throughout a high level of owner design changes, the level of schedule allowed adjusting and absorbing changes with minimal impact on overall scheduling.
  • Quality
    Our project team worked with the engineering firm to ensure all specifications and design deliverables satisfied the owner's requirements.

Project Timeline

Full EPCV Project Work over 15 Month timeframe.
November - June
Engineering and Design
March - April
May - June
Underground and Concrete
July - December
Building Fit and Utilities
October - March
Process Support Areas
October - May
Process Installation
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