RGD salutes our employees and family members who have served in the military.

Honoring Our Armed Forces

Many of our employees and family members have served or are currently serving our country. We would like to acknowledge them for their devotion and service to our nation.

Al Bailey

Army, 1968 - 1972

Al spent four years working in the Army Security Agency.

David Hedrick

Army, 2002 - 2005

David was in the Army’s Airborne Infantry. He was stationed in Heidelberg, Germany with V Corps. He also spent part of his deployment in Kuwait and Baghdad, Iraq.

Aaron Gluvna

National Guard, 2012 - 2019

Aaron served in both the Pennsylvania and North Carolina National Guard. He was an Infantry Squad Leader who trained subordinates for Combat Ops.

Michael Rafetto, Jr.

Navy, 2005 - 2009

Michael served in the US Navy aboard the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). This ship, her air wing, and her crew make up the most effective and versatile fighting vessel in the world.

Alan Sluder

Marine Corps, 1986 - 1990

Alan was in the US Marine Corp’s Officer Program. He was stationed in Quantico, Virginia.

Cody Smith

Army, 2010 – 2019

Cody served in the US Army Special Forces. He was deployed in Africa and Afghanistan for multiple tours.

Gary Swain

Navy, 1992 - 1999

Gary served on the Amphibious Assault Ship, USS Saginaw (LST-1188) and the Guided Missile Destroyer, USS Laboon (DDG-58). He was deployed in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Strike.

Bland Williams

Army /Army Reserve, 1971 - 1979

Bland served as a Captain at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA then transferred to the Army Reserve Unit, 87th Maneuver Area Command in Birmingham, AL.